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Mechateuthis is Barry Crawford's second large sculpture.  It was originally built in 2015 with the help of a grant from Black Rock Arts Foundation, which later became Burning Man Arts.  While displayed at Burning Man 2015, the sculpture's moving arms, tentacles, fins, eyes, and beak were human powered.  Turning cranks on the fence mechanically drove the movements. Problems arising from this lead to the sculpture being retro-fitted with computer controlled motors.  The cranks still allow veiwers to control the movements however, as each crank sends a signal to the computer that sets the desired speed and direction of a drive motor.  Since Burning Man, Mechateuthis has been a crowd favorite while displayed at many different events and venues, including Maker Faires, concerts and raves, parades, and art festivals.  Mechateuthis is currently available to be booked for events through the contact page.

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